October 20, 2016

KAFFE | Cupping x Porto Café x Fairview Slopes

Porto Cafe | Cambie Street, Fairview Slopes

Fairview Slopes—The still relatively new Porto Café in Cambie Village has been experimenting with an expanded food service and drink program. For example, I was taken with their deconstructed espresso macchiatto (made of a shot of espresso, crema, and soda water) for an interesting and refreshing take on getting caffeinated.

October 17, 2016

VIFF 2016 | Driving 'Paterson' – Adam Driver Delights

"We had plenty of matches at home."
VIFF 2016 | Adam Driver | 'Paterson

VIFF 2016—Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch envisions Adam Driver as an amiable bus driver who (whimsically) writes simple poetry on the side while on break from his shifts. Paterson, named after the eponymous New Jersey city and existential title character, is a sweet yet deadpan rumination on artistic pursuits and finding creativity in everyday life.

October 13, 2016

VIFF 2016 | Sympathy for 'The Handmaiden'

VIFF 2016 | Kim Min-hee Park Chan-wook | The Handmaiden

VIFF 2016—South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) adapts Fingersmith, the Victorian-era, historical novel by British author Sarah Waters, relocating the story to 1930s annexed Korea under colonial Japapanese rule with predictably salacious results. The Handmaiden (aka Agassi) is a rapturously twisty, gothic melodrama with a sumptuous and stylish pedigree.

October 12, 2016

VIFF 2016 | 'Operation Avalanche' Fakes It to the Moon

"The moon landing is the greatest movie ever made." ¹
VIFF 2016 | 'Operation Avalanche

VIFF 2016Operation Avalanche is fake period documentary aiming to comically rewrite the Apollo 11 moon landing as a would be hoax accidentally concocted by a team of bumbling junior CIA agents and budding filmmakers. The Canadian production is an ambitious and often hilarious comedy/thriller take on historical fiction and conspiracy theories.

October 11, 2016

SOUND | Japandroids x The Cobalt x Strathcona

Japandroids | The Cobalt Vancouver

Strathcona—(October 7, 2016) Night three of Japandroids' four-night, hometown residency showcase at The Cobalt was another warmup gig to kick-off their upcoming tour and workshop new songs for their upcoming, but as of yet, unannounced, forthcoming new album and shake off some rust.

October 10, 2016

VIFF 2016 | 'Manchester by the Sea' Sails Away

VIFF 2016 | Casey Affleck Kenneth Lonergan | Manchester by the Sea

VIFF 2016—Acclaimed playwright Kenneth Lonergan's latest film is a precise and theatrical family drama told in parallel parts about a broken man trying to do the right thing when called on after struggling to simply survive his own history of grief. Manchester by the Sea is a distinctly New England tale of obligations within extended families.

October 6, 2016

VIFF 2016 | True North – A Fine Bunch of 'Weirdos'

"There's a little Andy Warhol in all of us."
VIFF 2016 | Julia Sarah Stone Dylan Authors Bruce McDonald | Weirdos

VIFF 2016Hard Core Logo director Bruce McDonald uses his rock and roll instincts to present a uniquely Canadian experience in his latest film, Weirdos. Set in 1976 Nova Scotia, McDonald takes us on the road for an entirely charming black and white, coming-of-age tale about lost teenagers, homosexuality, family life, and mental illness.