September 18, 2017

CINEMA | 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Goes Over the Top

Taron Egerton Colin Firth Pedro Pascal Matthew Vaughn | Kingsman: The Golden Circle

British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn continues to show his love for Roger Moore camp era James Bond films with his comic interpretation of writer Mark Millar's The Secret Service in his sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The cartoonish follow-up oozes bright colours and plenty of style with more international globetrotting super-villany.

September 14, 2017

VIFF 2017 | 20 Most Anticipated Films (You Should See)

VIFF 2017 | Vancouver International Film Festival

VIFF 2017—One of my favourite times of the year is nearly upon us. After the Hollywood glamour of TIFF fades, cinephiles can finally turn our attention to Vancouver's two-week long arthouse film festival. The Vancouver International Film Festival kicks off its 36th year starting soon with a focus on all forms of visual storytelling while showcasing hundreds of local, Canadian, and international films celebrating contemporary world cinema.

September 11, 2017

CINEMA | Jennifer Lawrence's Nightmare – 'Mother!'

"I'm just going to start the apocalypse."
Jennifer Lawrence Javier Bardem Darren Aronofsky | Mother!

Idiosyncratic filmmaker Darren Aronofsky returns to female-focused, horror-tinged psychological thrillers (sort of) with actress Jennifer Lawrence in the totally batsh*t crazy Mother! Aronofsky's film is nearly indescribable, if often exhilarating in its audaciousness. It's essentially a sort of fever dream allegory of creation involving biblical themes as the writer/director constructs his latest as a series of madcap sequences centred on one woman's descent into complete nightmarish destruction inside her doomed home.

September 7, 2017

CINEMA | The Losers Win – 'It' Doesn't Clown Around

Jackson Robert Scott Andrés Muschietti | Stephen King's It: Chapter One

Prolific author Stephen King's sprawling multi-generational, supernatural horror story, It: Chapter One, comes to the big screen from Mama filmmaker Andrés Muschietti. The dual timeline of the 1,200-page novel has been split keeping only the earlier time period, the book's 1950s transplanted to the late 1980s when it was first published, as Muschietti has assembled a fine young cast of kid actors to explore the dark nature of childhood with strong Stand by Me (also a King adaptation based on The Body) vibes.

August 31, 2017

GRUB | Tacofino Oasis x Bentall Opening x Financial District

Tacofino Oasis Bentall | Vancouver Financial District
duck taco (with dried apricot, jalapeños, cilantro, roasted corn, soy shiitake, and back chili mayo)
Financial District—(August 29, 2017) Tacofino's fifth brick-and-mortar taco outpost has officially opened its doors behind Bentall Centre, this one called Tacofino Oasis, in the Coal Harbour office district.

August 28, 2017

CINEMA | Zoe Lister-Jones Puts A 'Band Aid' On It

"What if we turned all our fights into songs?"
Zoe Lister-Jones Adam Pally | Band Aid

Writer/actress Zoe Lister-Jones makes her directorial debut in an endearing indie comedy most notably shot with an all-female film crew. Band Aid explores the ills and darkly wry humour of a shaky marriage through rock music co-starring comedian Adam Pally.

August 24, 2017

SPOTLIGHT | Dîner en Blanc Vancouver 2017 x Coal Harbour

Dîner en Blanc Vancouver 2017 | Devonian Harbour Park, Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour—(August 24, 2017) Vancouver's most stylish once again gathered en masse and descended down to dual locations this year, Devonian Harbour Park (where media were situated) and Harbour Green Park, both located near the entrance to Stanley Park.