February 4, 2016

CINEMA | 'Hail, Caesar!' – A Coens Golden Age

Scarlett Johansson Josh Brolin Joel & Ethan Coen | Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar! is a 1950s set classic Hollywood comedy from the minds of Joel and Ethan Coen. As such, it features the Coen brothers' trademark offbeat humour and a winning A-list cast led by Josh Brolin starring as studio fixer Eddie Mannix and George Clooney as kidnapped movie star Baird Whitlock.

February 1, 2016

FEAST | Bon Vivant x Rémy Martin x Hy's Steakhouse

Rémy Martin Bon Vivant Dinner | Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

Financial District—(January 27, 2016) Celebrating all things cognac and Rémy Martin, invited guests were treated to an intimate Bon Vivant dinner pairing and luxury tasting at Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar in their upstairs dining room last week.

January 28, 2016

GRUB | Tacoversary x Tacofino Taco Bar x Gastown

Tacofino Taco Bar | Gastown, Vancouver

GastownTacofino Taco Bar, the latest in Tacofino's line of Mexican meets west coast eateries, is already a reliable fixture in the east end of the downtown's bustling dining scene along with its fast and easy attached Burrito Bar. The taco dispensary and restaurant is celebrating the flagship location's first anniversary (or "Tacoversary") in the historic Blood Alley heritage building after opening early last year.

January 25, 2016

CABLE | Here Comes Your 'Man Seeking Woman'

Jay Baruchel Simon Rich | Man Seeking Woman | FXX

Man Seeking Woman is a television comedy about dating and relationships like no other. While humorist and former Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich (the show's creator and author of The Last Girlfriend on Earth) often explores familiar topics of breakups and awkward dates, he and star Jay Baruchel (as Josh Greenberg) take an absurdly surreal comic approach to episodic storytelling.

January 21, 2016

GATHER | Science of Cocktails x Granville Room

Science of Cocktails | Granville Room, Vancouver

Granville—(January 13, 2016) Science and cocktails? That's the idea behind next month's annual charitable gala and night out in support of Science World and their Class Field Trip Program. The appropriately named Science of Cocktails event is all about discovering "molecular mixology" for adults on a night anchored by twenty-five different (open bar) beverage stations with hors d'oeuvres from Railtown Catering. (Fairmont Pacific Rim head bartender Grant Sceney, above.)

January 18, 2016

CINEMA | A 'Band of Robbers' Spins A Yarn

Adam Nee Kyle Gallne | Band of Robbers

Band of Robbers is most easily and superficially described as an indie comedy re-imagining of the literary works of Mark Twain through the filmmaking style of Wes Anderson (think Bottle Rocket). Writers/directors Aaron and Adam Nee (Adam also stars) bring the dual Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer (aged up to adulthood) to a contemporary setting in the mould of a quirky crime caper gone wrong.

January 14, 2016

GRUB | Freebird Chicken Shack x River Market

Freebird Chicken Shack | River Market, New Westminster Quay

New Westminster—Maenam Chef Angus An and Chef Justin Cheung continue the theme of remixing Asian culinary efforts with their latest poultry focused fast food eatery, Freebird Chicken Shack, located inside the River Market and across the hall from their other venture, Longtail Kitchen.