October 17, 2017

SOUND | Arcade Fire x Infinite Content Tour x Pacific Coliseum

Arcade Fire | Infinite Content 2017 Tour | Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver

Hastings–Sunrise—(October 14, 2017) The Montreal indie rockers finally made their long awaited return to Vancouver (after a seven-year absence) as Arcade Fire hit the Pacific Coliseum live in concert for the Canadian leg of their Infinite Content 2017 Tour.

October 16, 2017

VIFF 2017 | Sounding 'Wonderstruck' Across Time

VIFF 2017 | Millicent Simmonds Todd Haynes | Wonderstruck

VIFF 2017—Set in two distinct but wholly child-focused timelines fifty years apart, Todd Haynes' latest film is a whimsical tale of family, mystery, and discovery based on The Invention of Hugo Cabaret author Brian Selznick's immersive novel of the same name. Wonderstuck uses deafness and childhood adventure to expertly tell stories of young loneliness.

October 13, 2017

VIFF 2017 | Greta Gerwig Lets 'Lady Bird' Fly

"The only thing exciting about 2002 is that it's a palindrome."
Saoirse Ronan Greta Gerwig | Lady Bird

VIFF 2017Lady Bird is just simply an absolute delight. Actress/writer Greta Gerwig turns to her own personal experiences growing up in early 2000s Sacramento for her solo-directorial debut—she previously co-directed 2008's Nights and Weekends. Irish actress Saoirse Ronan sports her best Californian accent to play Gerwig's surrogate in this terrific coming-of-age high school comedy.

October 12, 2017

VIFF 2017 | John Cho Finds 'Columbus'

"Meth and modernism."
VIFF 2017 | John Cho Haley Lu Richardson Kogonada | Columbus

VIFF 2017—Korean-American video essayist/visual artist Kogonada frames his feature debut film as a work of inspiration from the eponymous Indiana city (and definitely not Ohio). A surprising Midwestern mecca for modernist architecture, Columbus, both the city and film, make the mundanity of everyday life and living all the warmer and more humanistic through its beautiful imagery.

October 11, 2017

VIFF 2017 | Sally Potter Throws 'The Party'

"I believe in truth and reconciliation."
VIFF 2017 | Kristin Scott Thomas Patricia Clarkso Sally Potter | The Party

VIFF 2017—Arthouse filmmaker Sally Potter's very theatrically brisk film is an appealing if disposable tragicomedy of manners. Set at the titular The Party hosted by Kristin Scott Thomas' tightly wound, but idealistic leftist politician, Janet, the black and white film oozes dramatic fun full of terrific performances doubling its title's reference as an encapsulation of post-Brexit British politics.

October 10, 2017

VIFF 2017 | 'The Florida Project' Shines A Light

"They're good kids. Most of the time."
VIFF 2017 | Brooklynn Kimberly Bria Vinaite Prince Sean Baker | The Florida Project

VIFF 2017Tangerine director Sean Baker's latest film, the oddly titled The Florida Project referencing the Orlando theme park's original codename, is a stirring, joyous, and heartbreaking portrait of a less than ideal childhood set in the Disney adjacent motel, called the "Magic Castle", doubling as low-income housing. It's a lavender soaked, pastel flavoured look at the bitter vividness and innocence of child poverty.

October 9, 2017

VIFF 2017 | 'Tragedy Girls' Makes Killing Cool

"I'd rather die."
VIFF 2017 | Alexandra Shipp Craig Robinson Tyler MacIntyre | Tragedy Girls

VIFF 2017Tragedy Girls, starring Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand as our serial killer high school heroines, is an entirely entertaining comedy riff on the slasher movie genre. Director Tyler MacIntyre turns the tables, setting our two social media obsessed female leads as the aggressors and instigators of violence, as they wreak havoc on their school and small midwestern town.