March 28, 2024

GRUB | Marugame Udon x Grand Opening x Crosstown

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver

Crosstown—(March 15, 2024) World-famous Japanese noodle restaurant chain Marugame Udon officially opened its very first location in Canada, alongside a thousand other outlets worldwide, last week after a wildy successful initial run—already among the top 5% of all Marugame shops—starting in late February.

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver
Nikutama udon (with sweet-flavoured beef, Onsen egg, and BK sauce) + assorted tempura
For the uninitiated, the global dining brand (est. 2000) is known for making authentic, handmade, and traditional Sanuki-style udon noodles (think thick and chewy), perfected centuries ago in the Kagawa Prefecture in Southern Japan, in addition to offering rice bowls, a selection of tempura dishes, and their house made sweet and savoury soup stock.

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver

Inside their brand new bright and spacious eighty-seat restaurant location, right across the street from Stadium–Chinatown SkyTrain Station, patrons are greeted by the same familiar no-nonsense, made-to-order counter-service setup designed to maximize efficiency, not unlike at any cafeteria.

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver
self-serve tempura station
Marugame is well-regarded for its generally always pleasant and smooth dining experience despite the often long lineups stretching out the door outside during peak meal hours.

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver

Most diners, upon ordering at the front window, are likely to go for the classic, best-selling Nikutama broth, a favourite among many, or popular curry udon choices that are both comforting and familiar in their hearty tastiness.

Marugame Udon Canada | Downtown Vancouver
udon ordering window
For those who are already udon fans from visiting Marugame's international spots across the globe—like their popular Waikiki location, this Canadian outpost certainly lives up to all the affordably pleasing meals previously enjoyed elsewhere.

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