April 6, 2020

GRUB | Takeout Meal Kit x Livia Bakery x Commercial Drive

"A small bakery, filled with joy and carbs."
Livia Forno e Vino Bakery | Grandview–Woodland | Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Commercial Drive—(April 1, 2020) Due to the closure of dine-in restaurants and most non-essential businesses over the public health concerns around the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID–19) in British Columbia, many Vancouver eateries have been forced to switch to takeout and delivery only service in order to stay open safely.

March 30, 2020

SCREEN | Never Say 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always'

"Don't you ever just wish you were a dude?"
Sidney Flanigan Talia Ryder Eliza Hittman | Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Focus Features / BBC Films
Indie filmmaker Eliza Hittman's third directorial effort Never Rarely Sometimes Always is such a powerful drama about the bureaucratic process around getting an abortion in small-town America. In the film, a pair of rural Pennsylvania teens must travel to New York City to seek out medical advice after an unplanned pregnancy leaves them desperate with few options or resources.

March 26, 2020

CABLE | Meet 'Dave' – Lil Dicky Chases His Rap Dreams on FXX

"I'm actually one of the best rappers alive."
Lil Dicky Dave Burd Jeff Schaffer | Dave FXX
FX Productions
FXX's simply titled Dave, an autobiographical sitcom about the fictionalized life of comedian Dave Burd (aka YouTube rapper Lil Dicky), feels surprisingly fresher and much more amusing than the well-worn basic concept of trying to "make it big" has any right to be. This is mostly thanks to Burd's jovial everyman energy as an unlikely vessel for someone looking to break into the rap game and music business from the fringes of viral internet fame.

March 23, 2020

GENRE | 'Swallow'–ing Compulsions of Domestic Control

"Do I make you happy?"
Haley Bennett Austin Stowell Carlo Mirabella-Davis | Swallow
IFC Films
First-time filmmaker Carlo Mirabella-Davis crafts a truly arresting picture starring the absolutely captivating Haley Bennett as a troubled, domesticated '50s-type kept housewife who cannot stop swallowing small household objects in the provocative feminist drama. Swallow is a gorgeously rendered yet haunting portrait of regaining power through compulsion.

March 19, 2020

IMBIBE | Vancouver International Wine Festival 2020

Vancouver International Wine Festival 2020 | Vancouver Convention Centre West

Waterfront—(February 27 and 29, 2020) The 42nd annual Vancouver International Wine Festival wrapped up not too long ago to much of the usual fanfare and enjoyment. As always every year, VIWF wined and dined thousands of attendees at its various tastings, pairing meals, and signature events across the city.

March 16, 2020

SCREEN | Pete Davidson Charms 'Big Time Adolescence'

"We don't cry in this house. We do drugs in this house."
Colson Baker Jordan Rock Jason Orley | Big Time Adolescence on Hulu
Neon / LD Entertainment
Infamous Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson brings an abundance of low-key charm to the small-time fun of his slacker loser character Zeke in Big Time Adolescence. Essentially the cool guy stoner from high school who never really grew up, Davidson forms a sweet brotherly bond to his ex-girlfriend's sixteen-year-old little brother, the likeable Griffin Gluck as Mo, for good and (mostly) ill.

March 12, 2020

SCREEN | Anna Akana Travels to 'Go Back to China'

"It was always my dream to have all my children under one roof."
Anna Akana Richard Ng Emily Ting | Go Back to China
Gravitas Ventures
YouTube star Anna Akana tackles her first feature lead role in the cross-cultural Chinese-American family comedy Go Back to China. Filmmaker Emily Ting balances her dysfunctional multi-generational relationships with common Asian themes of obligation or providing and individual creative pursuits.

March 9, 2020

SOUND | Best Coast x 'Always Tomorrow' x Venue Nightclub

Best Coast | Always Tomorrow Tour | Venue Nightclub | Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver

Granville—(March 3, 2020) California indie rock duo Best Coast, made of up of the unlikely but endearing pairing of members Bethany Costenino and Bobb Bruno, came back to town after a five-year headling absence—Costenino noted on stage they'd returned to Vancouver in between to open for both The Pixies and The Go-Go's—to play Venue Nightclub touring in support of their brand new fourth album (and first in five years), the dreamy and self-referential Always Tomorrow.

March 5, 2020

CINEMA | Ben Affleck Finds 'The Way Back' to Redemption

"The players decide the game."
Ben Affleck Janina Gavankar Gavin O'Connor | The Way Back
Warner Bros. Pictures
Director Gavin O'Connor and star Ben Affleck reteam for a very familiar inspirational underdog sports drama about redemption. Hueing closely to elements of Affleck's own personal life and history of addiction on a more working-class level, The Way Back (aka Finding the Way Back) is a thoroughly engrossing character study using coaching and high school basketball as a greater metaphor for the struggles of alcoholism.