September 19, 2011

New Music: I Love PS I Love You (the band, not the movie)

No, I'm not talking about the god awful beyond the grave romantic comedy starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. I am referring to the Kingston, Ontario indie rock duo of Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson. PS I Love You the band offers a refreshingly raw feel to their band of garage rock.

These homegrown talents takes the tried and true rock and roll aesthetic and ramps it up nicely with pulsating beats and hooks. Their latest, Meet Me at the Muster Station, is fun, rock anthem filled collection of thoughtful ballads about coming of age and the human condition.

I highly recommend the rock styling of the Kingston rockers. Their wicked yet minimalistic sound is lighting up the Canadian indie rock scene. They're not your typical music stylists, but are a great listen.

"2012" is one of their most fun, definite songs, breaking out with a fiery pace and feel. They remind me of a more stripped down, much more basic version of the Canadian indie rock collective, Broken Social Scene. Both have the same reckless abandon and careless yet oddly thoughtful feel to their music.

I love their most recent collaboration with Diamond Rings (check it out below). Their raw sound and eclectic feel project a sense sun of fun and energy. Their sound isn't new or refreshing, but familiar and captivating.

You can listen to the band's latest, Figure it Out (A Collection of Singles and EPs by PS I Love You), streaming here.

Photo | Jose Fuentes / KEXP

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