June 24, 2010

New Music: Mode Moderne

Mode Moderne is a Vancouver new wave band channeling a strong raw but synthetic underground energy and feel reminiscent of the 1980s post-punk scene while maintaining an intriguing retro-modern sound.

"Radio Heartbeat"

"Les Neuf Soeurs"

I was introduced to one of the members of Mode Moderne by Petroleum By-Product drummer Robin Borawksi during their Music Waste show. He told me to check out Mode Moderne's new wave, early 1980s sound and so I did. Borawski said their music was inspired by the likes of Joy Division and The Smiths, both of whom I love and he was quite right.

Listening to tracks from debut record, Ghosts Emerging, it is evident that Mode Moderne really channels that era of music with their really smooth, new wave beat. Their hooks and energetic, synthetic quality evoke a strong sense of musical theatrically while creating a melancholic vibe that gives off a downbeat emotion but merging it to an eclectic, pop feel and sound. It is as if Ian Curtis is alive and well, playing music in Vancouver.

Their lyrics and execution have a mature, contemporary feel that adds a polish to the nostalgic sound of their songs. The minimal synth pop nature of their tracks bubble with conviction and harmony. Even their band name, French for "modern fashion", gives off some thoughtful, throwaway imagery. They bring contemporary sensibilities to a past modern era of music.

Source | Facebook / Steve Louie / YouTube

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