June 22, 2010

Ch-Ch-Changes: You Say Party

"Out of respect for Devon [Clifford] and the evolution of life, today we announce that we will no longer be known as 'You Say Party! We Say Die!' but instead as simply 'You Say Party'."
You Say Party! We Say Die! | Surrey Celebration Site

New wave Abbotsford band (formerly known as) You Say Party! We Say Die! have released their first formal public statement and interview since the tragic death of their beloved friend and bandmate, Devon Clifford:
Heartfelt thanks for all the messages of love and condolences that you have sent since Devon’s passing. We have drawn a lot of strength from these as we navigate this difficult time. Losing Devon has been a profound loss for the family this band has grown to become. We have taken some time out of the spotlight these last few months to heal, process, reflect and reevaluate the future of this band.
With the blessing of Clifford's family, the band has decided to continue as a band and honour Devon's memory through their music, but with some changes. In addition to the announcement of the band's name change to simply You Say Party, Keyboardist Krista Loewen has left the band to pursue other interests. Robert Andow and Bobby Siadat of Vancouver band, Gang Violence, will take over from Lowen and Clifford on keyboards and drums, respectively. They plan to reschedule their cancelled European tour for the fall and play select dates for the rest of 2010.

I feel a strange tie to You Say Party. I remember that awful night very vividly and still hold their lively performances in a special place. In a way, through following them and their music, it has led me through a path and passion for arts and culture reporting that has influenced me greatly. It is both sad and hopeful that I will continue to follow this great band for as long as they choose to grace the world with their brand of music.

I would like to reiterate how I enjoy the music of You Say Party so much. They combine my love of new wave music and rock and roll with danceable beats and the sultry voice of a female lead singer. I look forward to seeing the new iteration of the band and how they will continue evolve and mature musically. Great art often springs from great loss. Party on.

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