January 4, 2016

SOUND | Fake Tears Work It – 'Nightshifting'

Fake Tears | Larissa Loyva Elisha May Rembold | Nightshifting

Vancouver indie pop duo Fake Tears go hard on the 1980s new wave aura and feel in their debut album, Nightshifting. Veteran musicians Larissa Loyva (aka Kellarissa, P:ano, The Choir Practice) and Elisha May Rembold (Shimmering Stars, Lost Lovers Brigade) channel their voices in a blissful tandem with some unmistakable synth tones evoking mellow, nocturnal themed instrumentals.

Forgive me for discussing this mid-2015 album in early 2016, but I was sadly a little late to the Fake Tears party and only got around to discovering this hot local act during the end of last year. In fact, while peering through the local bins at Red Cat Records, Nightshifting's luminous album cover immediately caught my eye.

I took note of the band and looked them up. I was intrigued and curious about their whole neon aesthetic. After sampling a few tracks, I moved on, but Fake Tears lingered in the back of my head until I was finally compelled to buy the record and cement my infatuation in earnest.

Formerly an attempt at creating an all-female collective and musical supergroup, the Mint Records outfit still bears plenty of worthwhile musical collaborations. Produced by Jay Arner of Energy Slime, the duo's brand of electronic synth pop seems perfectly suited for moody late nights conjuring images of cigarette smoke filled corners and gatherings.

Fake Tears features enough familiar notes of symmetrical musical stylings effortlessly merged together as the pair's voices and keyboard tones are breathlessly intertwined with lo-fi synth and rhythm. It's a warm, dreamy wall of sound filled with casual ambition and plenty of haunting imagery if that's your bag.

Update: Fake Tears performed live at Mint Records' annual Ridiculously Early Xmas Party.

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