January 20, 2014

Dine Out 2014: Italian Kitchen x Black & Blue x Coast

2014 Dine Out Vancouver Festival food tour at Italian Kitchen, Black & Blue, and Coast Restaurant from The Glowbal Collection on Alberni Street on January 14, 2013.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 | Glowbal's Coast Restaurant @ Vancouver

Dine Out continues to ramp up. As per usual, Glowbal previewed their set menus from restaurants along the Alberni corridor of eateries and steakhouses. We hopped around three joints to taste different courses. All the menus featured decent variety and choices, despite on the whole, being a little underwhelming. I usually enjoy Glowbal's different menu takes, but wasn't jazzed this time around. Below are a few notable dishes.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 | Glowbal's Italian Kitchen @ Vancouver

At Italian Kitchen, we started off with a marinated calamari salad (with caper berries, pickled chilies, chickpeas, red onion, grainy mustard vinaigrette) and lobster ravioli (with lemon cream fennel). Both were satisfying as the ravioli was particularly delicious in its preparation.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 | Glowbal's Black & Blue @ Vancouver

At Black & Blue, we were treated to a slow cooked Guinness braised short rib (with applewood smoked cheddar spätzle and winter greens). I was mixed on the taste of the cut of meat and its marinated flavour.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 | Glowbal's Coast Restaurant @ Vancouver

At Coast, the salmon two ways (olive crusted: pea-basil purée prawn with a bacon croquette and roasted: truffled cauliflower purée and wild mushrooms) was on the dry side and otherwise, nicely prepared.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 | Glowbal's Coast Restaurant @ Vancouver

For dessert, we shared a platter of treats including a maple roasted panna cotta (with vanilla anglaise) from IK, carrot cake (with a coconut and ginger macaron, cream cheese, and candied carrot) from B&B, and sugar coated Taiyaka (candied puff pastry) from Coast. Aside from maybe the panna cotta, all the dessert were fairly standard and unremarkable but very presentable.

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