October 13, 2010

New Music: Hailey Morgan and 'You & Me'

Hailey Morgan is a 16-year-old Vancouver pop rock singer/songwriter, who just released her debut record. Hailey is clearly a talented young woman. You & Me is far from a refined album, but that's the point. It should not be and it is better for it. The record has a very raw, energetic feel that evokes ideas of musical growing pains and the beginnings of deeper artistic explorations.

Lyrics like "I just want to go and drift away with you" are basic gems of ideas that are yet to be fully formed. Some of the words and lyrics can be obvious at times, but the language works well. Her sound still requires maturity and refinement, but it should. Morgan has room to grow into her sound. She has a very appealing brand of pop rock that is genuine and charming.

"Walkin' Down This Road" is soulful feeling song about choices as well as a fun ballad about moving on. The rock sound is clear with flowing beats and harmonic progressions that are staples of the genre. You can hear the passion and rock attitude in her voice. Her soulfoul voice is captivating and carries the lyrics forward well. The lineup of songs vary but more diversity and could benefit from more experimentation.

I still remain undecided on You & Me and what exactly is says as a musical debut. However, Hailey Morgan clearly has the vocal chops and talents to carry herself forward. The nuance and range she displays in addition to being admirable and entertaining, sounds quite good. You & Me is worth a listen, but what Hailey Morgan does from here is the more intriguing and interesting part.

You & Me is on sale and available on iTunes and CD Baby.

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