May 2, 2010

The Kind of Week It Has Been

It was a good week. A good couple of weeks, actually. It is incredibly satisfying knowing people out there not only consume but enjoy the work you produce.

Last week, I officially won the Alexis Mazurin Award from CBC Radio 3 for my playlist and podcast. I am thoroughly delighted and elated about it. I simply cannot wait to head over to CBC Radio 3 and start my internship there in the fall. I put an inordinate amount of hard work and effort into my submission and am thrilled to have won. Everyone had nothing but such incredibly kind words to offer me.

Evidently, the news of my win leaked early and I was not suppose to know I had won despite word having been let out two days before before I was even told. Upon reading my delirious tweet about my win, I was formally contacted and awarded with the prize. I still think it is crazy that actual trained professionals are even vaguely aware of an amateur like me and my existence. Consider me humbled.

A week ago, I went to a surprise homecoming party for a good friend back from Toronto. This was the first time I had been in the same room with many of the folks I went to high school with and Ladner people in general. Many of these friendly faces from the past mentioned how they have from time to time casually read my work and enjoyed my writing, reporting, and photography. I left the party very satisfied that so many of my peers liked what I do.

This is on top of all the hoopla surround my prior breaking news coverage that I have written to death about. I have gotten so much good feedback that I have never been so motivated, probably ever. Not to mention being contacted by such cool people, because of my work and having some great back-and-forth conversations. Obviously, nothing beats the praise from actual professionals whose work I admire.

Most of my week was consumed with sports as I was covering the sports beat for my BCIT news practicum for Evolution 107.9 radio. This has consisted mostly of getting to go GM Place, watching Canucks practice, hanging out in the dressing room and recording player interviews, and mingling with the Vancouver sports elite. It was pretty cool.

I am looking forward to the summer, lining up some internships, hopefully making some money, seeing concerts, doing some more writing and phototaking, and gearing up for my fall news rotations.

All in all, it has been a good run and am looking forward to the next few weeks of news practicum and reporting.

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If you'd stop being so dang interesting for a second some of us might actually get some work done.


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