April 13, 2020

CABLE | Cate Blanchett Campaigns for 'Mrs. America' on FX

"They're winning."
Cate Blanchett Dahvi Waller | Mrs. America FX on Hulu
FX Productions
Australian chameleon Cate Blanchett headlines FX's latest docudrama miniseries Mrs. America, starring her as the notorious real-life anti-feminist conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, documenting the various power players of the second-wave feminist movement of 1970s USA.

Created by veteran television writer Dahvi Waller with initial episodes directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Mrs. America really delves into the conservative American backlash towards so-called "radical feminism" by privileged midwestern white housewives against the mission to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Co-starring a star-studded cast, the limited series is as political as it is glossy fun with a vibrant quality to its historical themes of equality while fleshing out women's liberation.

Standout Rose Byrne as feminist leader Gloria Steinem brings another fresh docudrama approach to portraying another iconic figure. Her Steinem makes for such a great contrast and foil to Schlafly both in reality and dramatization. Other all-stars like Uzo Aduba, Sarah Paulson, Elizabeth Banks, John Slattery, and many others weave into the stacked ensemble playing both transformative real-life figures and compostie supporting characters that move along both the competing women's movements.

Mrs. America delights in recreating and dramatizing the slow march towards equality and how feminists moved the country forward while dragging along those who opposed it for their unknowing, begrudging benefit. Anchored by Blanchett's dynamic lead performance, the miniseries makes it clear how Schlafly built her ambition as an individual by limiting the collective power of her gender as a whole and growing her own influence—and foreshadowing the current messy state of American politics.

Mrs. America premieres on April 15th on FX in Canada.

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