July 6, 2015

SCREEN | 'The Overnight' Goes All Night Long

Adam Scott Jason Schwartzman Taylor Schilling | The Overnight

Written and directed by Patrick Brice, produced by actor Adam Scott, his wife Naomi Scott, and the Duplass Brothers, The Overnight is a slow burn comedy of bizarre situations and endearing characters. Revolving entirely around two couples (and their toddler sons), the indie comedy rests solely on the charm, believability, and interpersonal chemistry between our four principal characters with each other.

Scott and Taylor Schilling play normal enough seeming parents new to Los Angeles. A well-meaning but slightly offbeat Jason Schwartzman (a hipster dad type) approaches them with an innocent enough proposition and they, along with his wife played by French actress Judith Godrèche, and their kids have an intimate family night together, or so it seems. Slowly, the couples hit it off and the night takes off into a series of stranger and more lurid situations involving the influences of drugs, alcohol, male nudity, and some crazy sexual tension.

The Overnight is only as good as its cast, and fortunately, Scott, Schilling, Schwartzman, and Godrèche are more than game. All parties play off each other seamlessly, together and individually, for a raunchy comedy subtly delving into our hangups on marriage, sexuality, anxiety, and parenthood. It's a genuinely hilarious, often cringe inducing adult comedy full of welcome surprises and performances.

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