August 17, 2012

From Bubble Tea to Lunch x Zephyr Tea House x Richmond

Lunch and bubble tea at Zephyr Tea House in Richmond on August 12, 2012.

Zephyr Tea House | Richmond, BCZephyr Tea House | Richmond, BC

Janice and I hit up Zephyr for a quick lunch before trekking to Deighton Cup. We both ordered some cold drinks to cool down. I had the cappucino cookie ice cream slush and she went with a matcha ice cream slush. Mine was okay. I tasted lots of cookies, chocolate, and not really any coffee. Janice's was frothy and smooth.

Zephyr Tea House | Richmond, BC

We split a massive bowl of spicy house beef noodles with brisket along with some deep fried fish cakes. The beef soup was good and tastefully authentic, but the noodles were thin and too plain (not as good as Tony's). The fish cakes were a nice fried treat.

Zephyr Tea House | Richmond, BC

The food and drink at Zephyr were decent. It's a big, spacious space in the furniture district of Richmond. Everything was just okay, but still managed to be relatively good on value.

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