August 19, 2012

From Hootsuite to Lunch x Deacon's Corner Diner x Gastown

Tweetup/HootUp lunch at Deacon's Corner diner on Main Street in Gastown on August 16, 2012.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

A bunch of us made the  trip to the edge of Gastown bordering Chinatown and Railtown to meet up with a few of Hootsuite's worker owls to grab lunch. I was impressed and overwhelmed by the lengthy menu and hearty all-day breakfast service.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

Deacon's famous for their Carolina pancakes (that's only a half order, very top) with one giant buttermilk pancake layered with pulled pork and two eggs. It looked and apparently was dangerously delicious. A healthier option, the Cobb salad, was also pretty ridiculous in size and heartiness.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

Financial owls Michael S. Tan and Kingsley Chan (left), along with Stephanie Wiriahardja and NYC's Tony Chen (right). Not pictured but heard were Sandra (along with her guns), Diana_, Nick, Jen, David, and Alex.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

I had the "outrageous" fried chicken and biscuits (above) with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and corn grits. Everyone seemed envious of my pick. The chicken was well-cooked and scrumptious as was the gravy covered biscuits. Sandra ordered the B.E.L.T.C.H. sandwich (below) with bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and cheese with hash browns. It was like a tasty B.L.T. on steroids.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

I was very satisfied with the food, company, and conversation at Deacon's. It was a fun tweetup (or HootUp rather) over food. I always enjoying chatting with social media colleagues over some fine grub. Check out this hip diner if you're in the Gastown/Chinatown/Railtown area.

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