August 9, 2012

Soju Bombs x Nor Boo Korean Restaurant x Robson

Soju bombs at Nor Boo Korean Restaurant on Robson Street on July 27, 2012. Photos by Kevin Wu.

#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean

I hit up Nor Boo for some late night soju bombs (beer with shots of soju) and a tweetup along with Janice (looking like my twin on the right), Amy (to the left), Queenie (drinking angrily below), Shelley (to her left, below).

#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean

Also joined by tweeps Anita, Johnny, Phil, Lloyd, Kevin, Val, Will, and Dennis (sniffing wife May's hair, below). For the unfamiliar, soju is a Korean alcohol that goes down dangerously smooth and lacks the pungent taste and aroma of regular booze (and comes in various flavours).

#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean

With the vibrant Korean and Japanese community in the city, particularly on Robson in the West End, you'll find plenty of us Asians enjoying it on the weekend.

#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean

We came together to socialize and drink (responsibly!) together after Friday night's getPINKed party at Pink Elephant Thai. The food here was good and I enjoy late night menus. Janice and I split a kim chi udon and deep fried kalamari (both solid but not spectacular).

The long table was full of good cheer as we discussed Vancouver, the social community, youth, and all things offside to kick off the weekend. Also, there were plenty of drinking games.

#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean#sojubombs at Nor Boo KoreanBi Bim Bap at Nor Boo Korean#sojubombs at Nor Boo Koreandukboki at Nor Boo Korean#sojubombs at Nor Boo Korean
I never tire of the friends I've made online and in real life. Cheers to them and a night of soju.

Originally published in Vancouver Is Awesome.

Photo | Lloyd Go / Shelley Chen

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