September 30, 2011

Vancouver Daze #36: VIFF 2011 x Red Carpet Party x CinCin

Vancouver Daze, Volume 36: Brightlight Pictures' 12th annual Red Carpet Party at CinCin Ristorante + Bar on Robson Street on September 29, 2011. Published in Vancouver Is Awesome.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

Don't worry, this isn't about the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)'s controversial opening gala. Let's stay positive here. Last night, I celebrated the opening of our city's little film fest by garbling down some insanely delicious green macaroons (above) and mingling about with members of our film industry.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

My lovely +1, singer/songwriter Kristie Yung, and I hopped over to Robson for a packed crowd at CinCin.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin RestaurantVIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

It was ridiculous how full it was. It was like a sauna in there. I quickly spotted Mayor Gregor Robertson and a ton of character actors from local productions.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

We met up with one of my favourite people, the wildly ferocious Cyndi Hunter (left). It seemed like everyone was there to celebrate our vibrant film community.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

The event was presented by Brightlight Pictures and The Bridge Studios, welcoming the diverse talent and hardworking film professionals. I am an unabashed film lover and snob, taking in everything from low budget independent fare to big budgest blockbusters and Canadian content.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

Cyndi, Kristie and I mingled about, taking in the wine, oysters, fine desserts, and much more, talking up all the local production and entertainment professionals, discovering new aspects of the industries' workings and moving parts.

VIFF 2011 | CinCin Restaurant

I had a blast celebrating the start of VIFF and expect to take in much more of the festivities this weekend into week. V.I.A. is a proud gold sponsor for the festival, showcasing some great local and international talent. Check it out.

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