May 23, 2011

New Music: 'Rolling in the Deep' with Adele

I may be late to the party, but I finally got around to discovering the magnificent voice of Adele (Laurie Blue Adkins). Her mighty, booming vocals are infectious and soulful. I love her easy listening beats and simple yet touchingly poignant lyrics.

I'd heard of her voice and story long before but never got around to listening to her albums 19 and 21 until recently. My coworker Sophia kept blasting her songs in the office and on her BlackBerry PlayBook riding in her car. This was far from the ideal listening party but it inspired be to listen to Adele in ernest.

Needless to say, "Rolling in the Deep" is a boisterous anthem that chills and reverberates your earlobes and brainwaves at every level. If you don't love this song, I must call into question your ability to appreciate music altogether. Each song breaks your heart... in a good way.

Her universal themes of relationship hardships, love lost, and overcoming break ups is what makes her tracks so identifiable. It's not hard to put yourself into her songs. The gentle piano tones and musical keys under her soulful voice create a harmonious and joyful listening experience. I get inspired every time I listen to one of her songs.

Her fresh but classic appeal is obvious. I've had so many friends exclaim about her beautiful voice and singing. It's hard not to appreciate her work. Her two albums are eminently listenable. I am tempted to call her music stripped down, but it's too powerful, overwhelming, and booming to be just that. Adele takes you back to a past era of an old school songstress making her a definite must listen.

Adele hits the stage at the Orpheum Theatre to a sold out crowd here in Vancouver on May 31.

"We could have had it all..."

Photo | Rob Beenen

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