April 29, 2011

Canucks Fever x Molson Canadian Pub Party x Granville

Molson Canadian Pub Party for Round 2: Game 1 - Vancouver Canucks 1, Nashville Predators 0 of the NHL 2011 Playoffs at Roxy Burger, Doolin's Irish Pub, and Forum Sports Bar on Granville Street with on April 28, 2011.

Vancouver Canucks | Molson Pub Party

What a crazy day. A crazy week. This has been a roller coaster of a past few days thanks to rearranging my entire social calendar due to the Vancouver Canucks tumultuous playoff run.

Vancouver Canucks | Molson Pub Party

I had several cancellations for various reasons this week and desperately wanted to do nothing but cheer on the Canucks. Yesterday, I was even delayed by some Green Men impostors causing a traffic jam and was interviewed by my pals over at CBC News. You can watch the full story here. I even ended up giving up my ticket to Pecha Kucha Night No.16 to opt  instead for catching the big game.

Vancouver Canucks | Molson Pub Party

My buddies, the two Peters,  Peter Verge and "Street Pete" Henderson are Molson Canadian Puck Party hosts decked out in some retro suits straight out of Norway that Don Cherry himself would be proud of.

Molson Pub Party | Roxy Burger

What a fun job. Last night, I tagged along as they went bar hopping downtown, giving away beers to fans watching the game. We hit up Granville Street to pump up fans rushing from work to see the game.

Molson Pub Party | Roxy BurgerMolson Pub Party | Roxy Burger

First stop was Roxy Burger. I'll be honest. Full disclosure: I drank a few free Molson Canadian beers. It was fun. The vibe downtown was stellar as our Canucks played great in the most lopsided one-goal game I've ever seen.

Molson Pub Party | Roxy Burger

Our hosts did a wicked job of pumping up the crowds across the Granville strip. The most entertaining part was the cheering, shouting, and flag waving walking down the street. The fan atmosphere was electric. Everybody was pumped!

Molson Pub Party | Doolin's Irish Pub

The above photo was the immediate reaction by Street Pete and Matt Lang to the Canucks first, only, and eventual game-winning goal by Chris Higgins.

Molson Pub Party | Doolin's Irish Pub

The two Petes gave away a bunch of beers to some very happy fans. Who knew, people like free booze?

Molson Pub Party | Doolin's Irish PubMolson Pub Party | Doolin's Irish Pub

The genuine reactions from the patrons were priceless with gaping mouths, high fives, and hugs all around.

Molson Pub Party | Forum Sports Bar

Last stop was the newish Forum Sports Bar. This was the loudest, most raucous joint of the night with some rowdy fans cheering on their team for some free Molsons.

Molson Pub Party | Forum Sports BarMolson Pub Party | Forum Sports Bar

It was a blast. Big thanks to Molson Coors sales rep Matt for letting me tag along and report on the fan reactions from bar to bar.

Molson Pub Party | Forum Sports Bar

It was a ton of fun interacting with jubilant fans and soaking up the hockey-filled vibes of the city. The boys will be next out at the bars again on Saturday and for the rest of the Vancouver playoff run. Go Canucks!

Originally published in Vancouver Is Awesome.

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