November 8, 2010

Fresh Media x ReMixology 3 x W2 Storyeum

Fresh Media's ReMixology 3 (Media Democracy Day after party) featuring Director of CBC Radio 3 and CBC Radio Digital Programming Steve Pratt moderated by Open File Vancouver editor Karen Pinchin at W2 Storyeum on November 6, 2010.

ReMixology 3 | W2 Storyeum
"Define by content, not by platform."
FreshMedia was back with another edition of their successful new media collaboration series, ReMixology. I covered the first one with photojournalist Kris Krug and had to come back for this one with CBC Radio 3 director Steve Pratt

ReMixology 3 | W2 StoryeumReMixology 3 | W2 Storyeum

Steve talked about the emerging digital platforms of new media and how he has explored it in terms of Canadian music. It was a really interesting presentation as Steve is an imminently bright, energetic guy. His musings on how certain corporations have failed to serve the need of customers and start ups filling these gaps were great, especially within the context of the music industry.

ReMixology 3 | W2 Storyeum

I remember him giving a much shorter version of the talk to my BCIT class and it leading to my internship there. The ideas about embracing new models, exploring new platforms and emerging technologies relating to art and media, I found quite fascinating.

ReMixology 3 | W2 Storyeum

The event also served as a launching party for Open File Vancouver, spearheaded by Vancouver editor Karen Pinchin. This is an open, alternative news service for freelance journalists as a hyper local resource of news and media that serves the theme of new media very well.

I find these events really innovative in facilitating new media connections and collaborations. Everyone involved should be proud of their hard work pulling this together. My only complaints were that it was too dark with bright lights making on stage, making it hard to take photos and see other people. Also, the band had audio problems and the loud music made it difficult to socialize afterward. However, these are nitpicks on a great evening. I definitely look forward to the next one.

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