October 9, 2010

Grant Lawrence x 'Adventures In Solitude' x Book Launch x MOV

Grant Lawrence's Adventures in Solitude book launch with Jill Barber and Said the Whale at the Museum of Vancouver in Kitsilano on October 7, 2010.

Grant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

I talked before about my admiration and impressions of CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence and working with him. I was honoured when he reminded me to come to his book launch last night, which was a free event, open to the public.

Grant Lawrence | Museum of VancouverGrant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

It was a quick, streamlined evening which I appreciated after such a busy week. Grant read some hilarious excerpts from Adventures in Solitude about vomitting and his shenanigans growing up.

Grant Lawrence | Museum of VancouverGrant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

He also held a brief question and answer session and showed a home video from the town of Desolation Sound.

Jill Barber | Museum of Vancouver

The book launch was a great event. Grant's lovely wife, Jill Barber, sang two songs.

Jill Barber | Museum of VancouverJill Barber | Museum of Vancouver

One was a new ballad about the metaphorical end of the road, acting as a beautiful love letter to her husband. She also sang one my favourite songs of hers, "Wishing Well".

Grant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

To be honest, I did not have an initial intention to buy and read Grant's book right away, not because I was not interested. Simply put, I do not really have the time or money to read it, but Grant's charming readings of portions of the book sealed the deal and I had to get my autographed copy post-haste

Nardwuar | Museum of Vancouver

The undoubted highlight of the night was Narduar's surprise question and appearance. He asked a ridiculously over elaborate, detailed, proposterous question that was impossible to answer in true "Human Serviette" fashion. His banter with Grant was remarkably funny.

Said the Whale | Museum of Vancouver

The night was capped by a rousing performance by local rockers, Said the Whale. They performed a couple B.C. related songs and transitioned the crowd into socializing mode nicely. It was great seeing and chatting with the CBC Radio 3 outside of work so soon after my internship ended.

Grant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

It was interesting to see Grant in a more casual, social environment. I was use to his dogged professionalism and work ethic at CBC.

Grant Lawrence | Museum of VancouverGrant Lawrence | Museum of Vancouver

He is an imminently likeable, charming man with a story for every song and boy, is he ever popular.

Grant Lawrence | Adventures in Solitude

I had another great night of fun and friendly faces at MOV. I cannot believe how great my experiences with CBC Radio 3 continues to be even after my internship. I look very much forward to reading Grant's book.

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