September 26, 2010

Olio Festival 2010: Chad VanGaalen x Rickshaw Theatre

2010 Olio Festival: Chad VanGaalen with Babe Rainbow and Ghostkeeper live in concert at the Rickshaw Theatre on September 25, 2010.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

The Rickshaw Theatre was buzzing with a fun, breezy feeling as the Olio Festival got into full swing.

Babe Rainbow | Rickshaw Theatre

Babe Rainbow DJ'd an interesting, continuous set without songs breaks. Instead, with the help of a hangman standing guard, he got regular back massages and sips of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer during his set. Frank Booth would be proud. It was an intriguing, strange yet entertaining set. I am not entirely sure what Babe Rainbow is, but I dug it.

Ghostkeeper | Rickshaw Theatre

The show was running late when Alberta indie rock band, Ghostkeeper, took the stage and provided an energetic, exurburant performance.

Ghostkeeper | Rickshaw TheatreGhostkeeper | Rickshaw Theatre

Ghostkeeper served as a good opener to VanGaalen and while I thought some songs sounded a little rough, the high spirits and energy of the band powered them through. I particularly enjoyed the drumming and singing of Sarah Houle, whose voice was enchanting.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

Audio problems and sound checks plagued the beginning of Chad VanGaalen's show as he apologized for not arriving early and being able to setup things smoothly.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw TheatreChad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

However, with his affable demeanour and playful banter with the crowd, VanGaalen quelled the audience's restlessness and kept the energy up.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

Some of the crowd were rowdy, particularly the drunk couple in front of me who kept dancing, making out and yelling out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references towards the stage throughout VanGaalen's performance.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw TheatreChad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

This kind of hurt my enjoyment of the set without room to maneuver. Ultimately, VanGaalen gave a fun, vibrant performance despite some issues out of his control.

Chad VanGaalen | Rickshaw Theatre

His songs and lyrics are enchanting and thrilled the audience. The delays and glitches could have easily been more of a hindrance if not for his good stage presence and fun, easygoing attitude.

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