July 21, 2010

New Music: Doll & The Kicks

Doll & The Kicks are an independent Brighton, UK pop rock band that combine a soft pop infused sound with their unique brand of enthusiastic Brit rock.

This is how good Doll & The Kicks are: they not only made Ke$ha's otherwise annoying hit song "Tik Tok" bearable, but infused it with their own brand of crazy awesome pop rock to make it a pretty solid, somewhat mesmerizing power ballad.

Their 2009 self-titled debut album reflects this kind of reckless style of Brit rock well as song after song is injected with engaging beats and a intriguing rhythmic sound. Each song reveals a loud, anxious melody backed by traditional rock and roll that flows into your head with a ferocious energy, giving their music a great raw appeal.

The most appealing part of their music is the energy of their song performances as evidenced by the great tone and execution of their Ke$ha cover. They possess a special, ineffable quality to their music that gives their songs a special edge and tone. However, they need to keep at their defining their sound and creating a more diverse yet still unified voice to best exploit their talents.

Doll & The Kicks have an incredibly brash kind of rhythmic energy that makes their music if a lot of fun and easy to listen to. I immediately took to their inviting musical presence. I love rock bands with female lead singers and lead singer Doll's vibrant voice and musical spirit are wholly engrossing.

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Kimli said...

I am utterly in love with Doll and the Kicks (and Doll herself) thanks to your link on Twitter :D

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