March 17, 2022

SCREEN | Jason Segel Takes 'Windfall' Hostage on Netflix

Lily Collins Jesse Plemons Jason Segel Charlie McDowell | Windfall Netflix
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Idiosyncratic filmmaker Charlie McDowell directs another tightly-contained, single-location character thriller. Windfall spends two days unfolding the simmering tension between its three leads. Starring Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons, and Lily Collins (also all producers) as a hapless robber and his would-be wealthy victims, a tech CEO billionaire and his wife, the film slyly teases its further details and motivations.

Scripted by Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker, who share story credit with McDowell and Segel, there's a caustic rhythm to the tense hostage drama turned dark comedy. Plemons delights in being the rich asshole archetype, but it's Collin's sharp turn that highlights the film with a graceful wit. Instead of a clear direction right away, it focuses on the acerbic performances and heightens the tension of the hostage situation.

McDowell finds ways to ratchet the claustrophobic drama while maintaining a strong streak of bleak humour before a couple of interesting turns. Windfall is another thrilling exercise in acting structured and packaged into a situational robbery gone wrong. It might be more frustrating if not for the tight control, direction, and talent behind the performances.

Windfall is available to stream on Netflix.

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