February 21, 2022

GENRE | Rock Horror – Foo Fighters Haunt 'Studio 666'

"The Devil rules all of rock and roll."
Dave Grohl Taylor Hawkins  B.J. McDonell | Foo Fighters Studio 666
Open Road Films / MK2 Mile End
Foo Fighters try their hand at cinematic supernatural thrills in this rock and roll meets demonic haunted house horror-comedy. Starring the band and conceived by frontman Dave Grohl, Studio 666 is a nice excuse for the rockers to have some fun before getting killed off in increasingly violent ways.

The setup is fairly straightforward. The Foo Fighters—band members Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett, Rami Jaffee, and Grohl all appear—are struggling to come up with their tenth album. They find and move into an old Los Angeles haunted mansion with a mysterious history to record for added inspiration. Cut to various possessions and grueseome murders later when we learn about the house's past link to rock history and the Devil's role in music.

Grohl and company keep it light and goofy in contrast to some of the more graphic kills depicted. Even some of the more stilted acting by the band fits in with the casual setting as the supernatural elements slowly start to come into play. Music video director B.J. McDonnell frames everything straight ahead in trying to put us in the shoes of the band before the gross-out violence and satanic flourishes settle in.

Studio 666 pretty much answers the question: what if your favourite band starred in a single-location haunted house horror movie? Turns out, the answer was it would be an entertaining, self-aware effort. Grohl affably anchors the genre comedy thrills with his appealing but self-effacing personality. The comedy tries to put the Devil back into rock and roll.

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