May 11, 2020

GRUB | TV Beer Dinner x Brassneck Brewery x Mount Pleasant

"Grab a tray. Settle in, you're all set."
Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Mount Pleasant—As a byproduct of the now weeks-long coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown, Brassneck Brewery had the fun idea to sell their own various prepackaged takeout TV Beer Dinners in the meantime while their tasting room is closed.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

From the team behind the food programs at Alibi Room and The Magnet (sister bars to Brassneck), these ready-made meals are currently available daily to take home from their Main Street location's makeshift to-go window. Inspired by those classic American TV dinners from the 1960-70s before the advent of microwavable meals, Brassneck's TVBDs come in the same trademark aluminum trays packaged to be heated safely in the oven at home.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver
roast turkey dinner (with sliced turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, yam purée, and gravy)
My chosen turkey meal tasted mighty comforting and pretty flavourful after reheating despite the prison food appearance. It was unsurprisingly very easy to chomp down on quickly. I paired it also with their zesty new Laissez Faire beer (a rice lagered saison) with its refreshingly smooth complexion.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Other rotating daily TVBD options available from Brassneck include Salisbury steak, bangers and mash, roast beef dinner, grilled pork loin, grilled chicken breast, veggie lasagne, vegan shepherd's pie, and those Alibi chicken wings—all served cold and ready to be heated up.

As always, everyone please stay safe and well-fed at home if you can during these uncertain times.

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