June 19, 2014

From the Weekend: Brassneck Brewery x Mount Pleasant

Beerfest at Brassneck Brewery's tasting room on Main Street in Mount Pleasant on May 17 and June 19, 2014.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

My love of local craft beer is well documented (by me here and here). One of my absolute favourites is Brassneck, mostly because of its ridiculous amount of variety. They experiment with flavours and different style ales on a daily basis.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

So far, you can only get their beer by by walking through their doors (as a "nano brewery"). They don't so much have a rotation as they have a few standards and a bunch of rotating taps and new concoctions they go though everyday. I've been there a dozen times always trying something different and this is my attempt to remember and relive them all. I'm going to my best to recall all the different brews I've tried so far.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Brassneck Ale is a solid everyday pale ale. Its trademark, reliable flavour does the trick everytime.

Passive Aggressive (dry hopped pale ale) is a tasty, flavourful ale with a subtle, hoppy kick.

Identity Crisis (Belgian pale ale) is another solid pale ale with a slightly offbeat quality.

Free Radical (white IPA with amarillo and mosaic hops) is one of my favourites with its smooth taste and texture.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Changeling (sour cherry ale) is not for me but an interesting brew and sour with tons of flavour.

Sticks & Stones (rye saison) is refreshing saison with a nice punch to it.

Shogun’s Fundoshi (experimental ale with sorachi ace) is smooth and strangely experimental.

Cherubesque (Belgium strong ale) is a definite highlight with its bold, strong European taste.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Stockholm Syndrome (farmhouse saison) is a really great, flavourful saison and summer beer.

Ambiguation Wit (Belgian wheat ale) is a nice, light, and refreshing cloudy ale.

Klutz! K├Âlsch (German golden lager) is hoppy yet refreshingly bold in its flavour.

Old Money Mild (English brown ale) is a smooth, easy drinking dark ale with caffeinated undertones.

Brassneck Brewery | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

And those were all the beers I can vaguely remember. My favourite part of Brassneck, aside from their delicious brews, is the sheer variety and experimentation with flavours and styles. It's always fun hanging out and choosing what to drink. Every visit is different.

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