February 4, 2019

SCREEN | Lauren Lapkus Seduces 'The Unicorn'

"Surf's up. We're gonna find our unicorn!"
Lauren Lapkus Nick Rutherford Robert Schwartzman | The Unicorn

Rooney frontman and musician turned indie filmmaker Robert Schwartzman tackles intimate curiosity and long-term relationships in his sex comedy, The Unicorn. Comedians Lauren Lapkus and Nick Rutherford (also a co-writer) star as a bored, long-engaged couple in a rut, Malory and Caleb, who happen upon new sexual situations that fire up their desire for more personal satisfaction.

Schwartzman's workmanlike indie comedy takes the typical one wild night route to its comic misadventures. The film's charm rests on its talented co-leads and their likability in navigating different awkward but sexy opportunities to mine its identifiable comedic moments.

The able cast of comedians and recognizable actors provide enough fun hangout vibes. A free-spirited and enticing Lucy Hale ignites the couple's affection as a stranger in a bar they go home with while hunky SNL cast member Beck Bennett comes in for a particularly hilarious extended scene as a confident gay stripper who questions the couples motives.

Lapkus and Rutherford make for a fun ride as a couple. Schwartzman lets his cast elevate the standard comic material to make the film appealing beyond its basic themes of sexual insecurity and fear of comittment.

The Unicorn is available to stream on various digital platforms and through video on demand.

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