October 1, 2018

VIFF 2018 | Must See BC – 'Parallel' Worlds Collide

X | Parallel | VIFF 2018

VIFF 2018—Mexican filmmaker Isaac Ezban's latest indie genre thriller uses concepts of parallel universes and toxic human nature to evoke some truly b-movie horror scares. Shot in Vancouver, Parallel is full of trippy sci-fi theories, get rich schemes and overly stylistic camera work.

When four roommates discover a strange portal in a hidden room, things get weird very quickly. Martin Wallström, Mark O'Brien, and Aml Ameen play tech startup business pals who also share a possibly haunted house and struggle to get their sh*t together. However, it's Scottish actress Georgia King who very much anchors the film and balances out the male energy as often the only cool head during the many supernatural happenings.

There's enough stereotypical contrast to play on genre conventions and archetypes as the sinister action starts up and crazy stuff really happens. The possibilities that happen are an interesting riff on the choices we make and the fallibility of human relationships. Scott Blaszak's script questions the ethics of jumping between multiple universes and the obviously dire consequences it brings up.

Parallel is a stylishly-executed and fun experience that goes wildly overboard with its ambition and scope. It's best when it focuses down on small moments of choice and action or the fraught character relationships it brings up. The film is best enjoyed late at night with friends.

Parallel screened at the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival as part of the Altered States (ALT) and BC Spotlight streams.

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