September 10, 2015

SCREEN | From A for Apocalypse to 'Z for Zachariah'

Margot Robbie Chiwetel Ejiofor Chris Pine Craig Zobel | Z for Zachariah

Compliance director Craig Zobel has assembled a thoughtful, slow burn drama about human nature and isolation. Essentially a three-hander between dressed-down movie stars Margot RobbieChiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine, Z for Zachariah follows three very different, mysterious people who encounter each other after a radioactive/apocalyptic event leaving them as possibly the only survivors of the human race.

The tight ninety-five minute film plays with the last man/woman on Earth trope and subtleties of a love triangle where the fate of humanity is literally on the line. Loosely based on the 1974 Robert C. O'Brien book of the same name, Nissar Modi's script is rather light and predictable on narrative while it leaves plenty of room for our characters and the actors portraying them to explore a greater depth to their Eden-like world.

Z for Zachariah is an intimate dystopic tale about faith and humanity. Robbie, Ejiofor, and Pine play nicely off each other as a contrast of personalities and actions. Its confident acting and psychological direction almost tease its underwhelming, minimalist nature, and any audience expectations. It lays a nice cinematic foundation for a compellingly constructed world of survivors and loners.

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