April 28, 2015

GENRE | New Horror – 'It Follows' You Home

"Pass it on."
It Follows

Indie filmmaker David Robert Mitchell has created a moody, slow burn horror classic. It Follows is a highly original film using an STD-like device to create a nostalgic feeling yet very contemporary themed supernatural thriller.

Maika Monroe stars a Detroit teen, Jay, who's been cursed with a slow-moving, murderous sexually transmitted demon following her after sleeping with a stranger. Channeling 1980s horror cinema and a healthy dose of early John Carpenter, the film builds and executes on its basic premise laying ground rules and a simple mythology. The way it uses sex and violence to sensibly express fear and horror offers many amusing narrative twists on the slasher film and horror genre.

Following a likeable enough group of suburban teens (without any parental supervision), It Follows uses stylish camera moves to ratchet the thrills in this cautionary tale. The film succeeds by crafting a persistent feeling of dread that comes from the difficult to see, shape-shifting demon who could show up at any point. It never stops stalking like a zombie who never dies and is framed dreamily by cinematographer Michael Gioulakis in a haunting manner.

It Follows offers more than enough thrills and scares despite some inconsistencies in its own logic. Mitchell shows off his patience in building a complete horror experience through tension and stylish direction. The film will follow you long after it's over.

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