May 13, 2013

From Butter to Beef x Phnom Penh Restaurant x Chinatown

Cambodian/Vietnamese dinner feast at Phnom Penh restaurant in Chinatown on May 8, 2013.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

As a native Vietnamese food lover, I am usually rather unenthusiastic and unimpressed with local Vietnamese restaurants. I had previously claimed to have never dined at what is probably our most famous and lauded Vietnamese (and Cambodian) dining establishment, Phnom Penh (because of its location and long line ups). However, upon sitting down to this family dinner, I was informed that was untrue and we use to frequent the original location next door when I was a baby. Apparently, the last time we were there was on my second birthday, some twenty-five years ago.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

I love my ice and shake drinks and tried their mango and durian moo shakes. They were smooth and had a great iced cold texture and fresh, fruity flavour. The mango was actually too fresh tasting and had a tangy sourness to it. I really enjoyed the durian flavour and was like a fine puree of the misunderstood fruit.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

Of course their deep fried chicken wings (above) were fried deliciousness in all its salty, MSG glory. I found the wings very comparable at their sister restaurant, Angkor. I love Vietnamese rice dishes. They are my staple and the filet beef luc lac on rice with egg (below) did not disappoint.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

Their other famous dish is the marinated butter beef (below) and it was chewy and good. I personally think raw beef dishes in general are overrated, but Phnom Penh's was still satisfying. The only disappointment were the clams, very flat and bland tasting. I guess you should stick to their staples and lay off the seafood.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

I can see why Phnom Penh is so popular and always packed. They make a handful of simple comfort food dishes, melding Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisines extremely well, with an overall crowd pleasing factor.

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