January 10, 2013

The Waldorf Hotel Is Awesome (2010-2013)

Memories from The Waldorf Hotel in Grandview-Woodland from October 30, 2010 to January 20, 2013. As seen in Vancouver Is Awesome.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

And it always will be be (awesome, that is), no matter what. You probably heard the sad news (Bob summed it up optimistically here) about the latest incarnation of the iconic Waldorf Hotel.

Waldorf Hotel | XO Halloween Party

We'll stick to the positive stuff and celebrate all the amazing memories we have from the three short years of its newly minted existence as the reopened Eastside cultural landmark.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

It was great hanging out in the Leeteg Room with some stellar food and drinks. Boasting multiple rooms, all kinds of artistic and community spaces, the Waldorf wasn't just a place to drink, eat, or a night club, it iwas everything. It represented the ideals and merging nature and culture of our city.

Waldorf Hotel | XO Halloween Party

I remember the crazy Halloween grand opening party in 2010. It was insane and an epic way to christen the venue and its future.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

The Tiki Bar was a cool oasis of a watering hole and lounge. It attracted a special breed of hipsters to be admired for their dedication for making the trek to East Hastings to hangout, away from the Granville crowds. It was so full of character and interesting characters everywhere.

The Leeteg Room | The Waldorf Hotel

I marvelled at the sweet ass analogue stereo and record setup as a haven for those who loved good music and lived to dance. There was just so much art, culture, and community all in one place.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

Toast to all that the Waldorf is, was, and (hopefully) will be. Let's hope it lives on somehow. In the meantime, drink a mai tai in its honour.
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