July 2, 2012

Top 10 Films of 2012 So Far

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1) Moonrise Kingdom (dir. Wes Anderson)
2) The Cabin in the Woods (dir. Drew Goddard)
3) Safety Not Guaranteed (dir. Colin Trevorrow)
4) Jiro Dreams of Sushi (dir. David Gelb)
5) 21 Jump Street (dir. Phil Lord & Chris Miller)
6) The Avengers (dir. Joss Whedon)
7) Friends with Kids (dir. Jennifer Westfeldt)
8) Take This Waltz ¹ (dir. Sarah Polley)
9) Prometheus (dir. Ridley Scott)
10) Jeff, Who Lives at Home ² (dir. Jay & Mark Duplass)

¹ Take This Waltz is a dizzying, melancholic portrait of marriage and adultery. A mature, reasoned look at romance and relationships, director Sarah Polley (Away from Her) paints an emotionally honest, highly specific story of a wife (Michelle Williams) and her comfortable ambivalence to her well meaning, sweet husband (Seth Rogen). The way Polley shapes Williams' desire for another man is made of pure of artistic flourish mixed with offbeat humour.

² Easily the best film having anything to do with M. Night Shamylan's Signs, Jeff, Who Lives at Home is an interesting one day exploration into life's little stories. Thirty-something slacker Jason Segel goes on random adventure looking for meaning in his sad life. A touching character exploration, the film is an honest portrayal of deriving meaning from the mundane and the strain our relationships with loved ones.

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