February 16, 2012

Vancouver Daze #56: Vancouver Is Awesome Turns 4

Vancouver Daze, Volume 56: Vancouver Is Awesome's 4th birthday celebration for editors, contributors, and volunteers at Blim on February 13, 2012.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

FOUR! That's right. Our little rag tag team of misfits at V.I.A. turned four years old.

To celebrate, the strangers and night owls we call contributors we finally decided to get together. It's hard to believe our little community blog and media outlet has been around for a fantastic four years.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

We celebrated by gathering all the editors, writers, and general mischief makers together to actually meet IRL. Most of us have never met, operating online and through email and Facebook.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

Our fearless leader himself, founder and editor-in-chief Mr. Bob Kronbauer, the king with his crown hosting with his son and V.I.A.'s youngest blogger Arlo in tow.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

It was fun gathering together, meeting the rest of the V.I.A. crew over some beer (courtesy of Phillips Beer Blue Buck), wine, cake, pie, and buns. Thanks to Bob and the crew for a nice afternoon chat, mix, and mingle.

Photo | Bob Kronbauer

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