January 12, 2012

Vancouver Daze #51: Chinese Restaurant Awards 2012 x River Rock

Vancouver Daze, Volume 51: 2012 Chinese Restaurant Awards at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond on January 11, 2012. Published in Vancouver Is Awesome.

Chinese Restaurant Awards | River Rock Casino

I hit up the River Rock Theatre to witness the annual Chinese Restaurant Awards. It was an interesting afternoon mix of celebrating Chinese food and culture.

Some master chefs were hard at work on various dishes including the geoduck dishes quickly and efficiently in Chinese fashion. I love seeing them in their tall chef hats.

I ate up the award-winning durian pastry buns before the awards were handed out. We had some eating and mingling time before they kicked off the ridiculously thorough list of winners.

Chinese Restaurant Awards | River Rock Casino

There were far too many awards, restaurants, and signatures to mentions, but it reminded me of the stunning amount of fine Chinese cuisine and food our city offers. I enjoyed the diner's choice picks including Dinesty winning for best xiaolongbao (just like I did).

Chinese Restaurant Awards | River Rock Casino

As always, I love my dining adventures in our ever growing culinary community. Check out all the winners here.

Photo | Maurice Li (1, 2)

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