September 12, 2011

Freelance Camp 2011 x The Network Hub x New Westminster

2011 Freelance Camp (un)conference at The Network Hub in the River Market at Westminster Quay in New Westminster on September 10, 2011.

This past Saturday was the second annual Freelance Camp out in the soon to be opened New Westminster branch of The Network Hub coworking office space.

This was a very informal, casual event bringing freelance workers together to share ideas, knowledge, tips, and advice.

604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub

The day was made up of pitched sessions from attendees fostering discussion and talks about segments of our work dealing with social media, productivity, ethics, and steps to doing freelance work.

604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub

I started off my day listening to WordPress developer and good friend Vanessa Chu's intro into website and blog building. I was a little annoyed by a few attendees slowing down informative session with a few inane questions.

604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub

All the sessions I attended were beneficial but sometimes lacked focus or clear direction.

604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub

The ones with specific focuses and clear cut examples were the best and very entertaining as well.

604 Freelance Camp | The Network Hub

Humourist and tech writer Mike Vardy (who I heard speak at Northern Voice) was the keynote speaker talking about his transition to full-time freelancing as giving some productivity tips as well.

Later in the afternoon, I basically hijacked another session by Andrew Kumar and the folks at Yellow Hat discussing "The Social Buzz" and how to use tools to track social activities at events in the city.

I recommend checking out the conference in general and anything associated with The Network Hub. Cheers to the organizers (above), who continue to provide and be a great resource for entrepreneurs.

Photo | Jeremy Lim

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