May 30, 2011

Music Waste 2011: Music x Comedy x Art Festival

Cosmetics | Music Waste 2010 | Cobalt 917 Main

I am so stoked for this year's Music Waste Festival from June 1 to 5. It's going to be five days of cheap music, art, and comedy all over Vancouver. This small but efficient hodgepodge of crazy talented artists and performers, all showcasing their work simultaneously, is going to be insanely fun and entertaining.

I checked out a show last year and discovered some amazing new local bands. It's crazy. They have up to five bands at each venue a night with multiple venues each night, not including the comedy and art showcases. It's an absolutely great way to discover Vancouver's emerging artists.

I'm most pumped about checking out Fine MistHumansTeen Daze, and Mode Moderne. If you don't know or recognize any of the bands or performers, even better, because the joy of it is discovering new music and artists. I found a ton of new people to follow last year that have lasted until now. That's the whole fun of the festival.

Music Waste kicks off Wednesday. Check out the full schedule here. An all-access festival pass is only 15 bucks and each single show is $5 (or in some cases free). If you plan on checking it out, let me know. I say go now!

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