May 19, 2011

Lunch x Bubble Tea x Flo Tea Room x Granville

Lunch and bubble tea at Flo Tea Room on Granville Street on May 12, 2011.

Flo Tea Room | Granville Street

Sophia and I struggled to come up with a fresh lunch option until she remembered Flo in the Marpole area. It's a place I pass by all the time but never tried.

Flo Tea Room | Granville StreetFlo Tea Room | Granville Street

I really dug it. There are so many options from lunch specials, sets, combinations, and the regular menu. First off, I got a mocha smoothie which was really good, cold, and sweet. I loved it as much as Sophia's lychee slush.

Flo Tea Room | Granville Street

I ordered the lemongrass chicken on rice with prawns. I thought it was a fine lunch option and satisfied my hunger pangs nicely. It was a good amount and I appreciated the presentation of it all.

Flo Tea Room | Granville Street

Sophia ordered the pork chop on rice with ham and egg on tomato sauce. She gobbled it up satisfyingly. It wasn't by any means spectacular, but I really liked Flo as a lunch spot and look forward to coming back. Their lunch combinations were solid and affordable.

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Rick Chung said...

 You should try their calpis drinks, they're delish!

Rick Chung said...

I totally go there on the regular. Love this place.

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