February 14, 2011

Poutine x The Templeton Diner x Granville

Poutine at The Templeton diner on Granville Street with Dennis Pang, May C., Cicy Chan, and many others on February 8, 2010.

Poutine | The Templeton

A bunch of us decided to grab some poutine before the Bella Gelateria tweetup. It was the first non-breakfast I've had there.

The Templeton | Vancouver, BC

Our waitress was a bit surly to us before warming up when she heard Dennis had downed a massive two-pound burger at Yew.

Poutine | The Templeton

The poutine, which most of us ordered, comes with aged white cheddar, topped with vegan mushroom gravy.

Poutine | The Templeton

It was good and very filling. The fries were crisp and the plate ample. I prefer the darker meat gravy, but this vegetarian alternative was fine.

Chili Fries | The Templeton

May strayed from us and got the chili fries. They were good and hearty on another massive plate.

The Templeton | Vancouver, BCPoutine | The Templeton

It was a stopover that certainly quelled our hunger pangs.

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Rick Chung said...

Ohh, I might check this place out :D I've never tried poutine before XD

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