January 31, 2011

Concert: The Pack A.D. x Biltmore Cabaret

The Pack A.D. with Bogus Tokus, Hospital Blonde, and The Manipulators live in concert at the Biltmore Cabaret on January 28, 2011.

The Pack A.D. | Biltmore Cabaret

I just had to see the pack upon their return to their home town. It had also been awhile since my last concert.

Hospital Blonde | Biltmore Cabaret

It was a long night with two openers (Bogus Tokus and Hospital Blonde) and the final performance of The Manipulators.

Bogus Tokus | Biltmore CabaretBogus Tokus | Biltmore Cabaret

I liked Hospital Blonde despite their abrasive vocals; they had good rhythm. I just found Bogus Tokus loud and too hard egde for my taste, but they did a great job engaging the raucous crowd.

The Pack A.D. | Biltmore Cabaret

By the time The Manipulators came on stage to play their final show at around 11pm, I was dog tired, cranky, and desperate for The Pack A.D. to play. When they did finally come on stage, it was electric. I ate up all their pulsating, loud songs.

The Pack A.D. | Biltmore Cabaret

The garage rock came alive on stage as Becky Black and Maya Miller beamed with enthusiasm all night long.

The Pack A.D. | Biltmore Cabaret

I had been particularly keen to see them after interviewing the two over the phone for CBC Radio 3. Becky and Maya were down to earth, personable, genuine rock musicians with personality despite their sometimes reluctance to be more outgoing. They live to perform on stage.

The Pack A.D. | Biltmore Cabaret

The Pack A.D. are really great live. The female garage rock duo know how to rock and rock hard. I had a great conversation interviewing them a few months ago. They are cool, real girls with edge and energy. There are a must see live.

Be sure to listen to my podcast on social media for CBC Radio 3 featuring my interviews with them.

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