January 5, 2011

Bubble Tea x Tri-ty Cafe x Richmond

Bubble tea at Tri-ty Cafe in Richmond on December 23, 2010.

Bubble Tea | Tri-ty Café

Tri-ty has great bubble tea. Their selection is wide and serve any tastes. All the milk teas from fruit to flavours are solid. I particularly like the milk teas and ice cream slushes, particularly the mango and strawberry flavoured ones. There are a few fusion flavours of fruit that stand out. They are all good. However, anything with ice cream is a winner.

Tri-ty Café | Richmond, BC

Tri-ty is a neat little bubble tea cafe tucked in the Ackroyd Plaza complex in Richmond by Save-On-Foods. It is a cool, vibrant place with good service and charm. It is cash only and you order by marking the menus which can confuse some.

Ice Cream Waffles | Tri-ty Café

Everything on the menu is good even the western food. My go to's are the waffles, house sandwich with deep fried chicken cutlet as well as the fried rice and curry dishes. The menu of Taiwanese treats is great. The fried rice dishes are great too and come in a boat style dish.

Bubble Tea | Tri-ty Café

It's a gem of a place. The location and restaurant are not anything special and sometimes the orders take too long but the food and drinks are great. It's kind of a noisy place so sometimes talking can be hard, but it's a cool, casual place to grab a quick bite or drink. FYI, "Tri-ty" stands for quali-ty, quanti-ty, and tas-ty. Get it?

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