September 22, 2010

Speaking: Vancouver Board of Trade x Working Super Fair

Speaking at the Vancouver Board of Trade's Working Super Fair with Kemp Edmonds at Canada Place on September 22, 2010.

Working Super Fair | Vancouver Board of Trade

I received a last minute invite to speak at the Working Super Fair thanks to BCIT Social Media Instructor, Kemp Edmonds. Kemp was the keynote speaker, talking about using social media for personal branding. You can find his awesome presentation below.

Canada Place | Vancouver Convention Centre

It was a pretty intimidating experience, especially going on last as the fair was wrapping up. Kemp got me to detail how I was able to make a name for myself in Vancouver through blogging and social media in a short amount of time, giving tips and advices on how to do social media "right".

Working Super Fair | Vancouver Board of Trade

I had to duck out of work at CBC Radio 3 early to hop over to Canada Place. I only had time to prepare a page of bullet points that I barely looked at while on stage. Everyone kept staring at me intently and I just kept talking and talking. I have no idea how long I spoke for, but it had to have been much longer than the 5 minutes I was scheduled for.

Working Super Fair | Vancouver Board of TradeWorking Super Fair | Vancouver Board of Trade

It was strange standing there, talking to a room full of hundreds of 30, 40, and 50-year-olds, giving them career advice as an unemployed student. I think the best line I had was that, "Using social media is easy. If you think it's hard then you're doing it wrong."

Once again, a big thanks to Kemp for inviting me to speak. It was a great experience.

Photo | Kemp Edmonds

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Anonymous said...

"Using social media is easy. If you think it's hard, you are doing it wrong."

Bingo. Either you're doing it wrong or you've hired a "guru" who wants to keep you in the dark so they can convince you to keep paying them.

Lisa said...

I love that quote because you nailed it. Social media is like a computer-based extension of face-to-face interaction. Be civil, talk to people, be interested, be an active participant. If you're a sociable person in real life, you'll probably be good at social media too. :-)

It sounds like you gave a great talk despite the nervousness!

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