August 26, 2010

Happy Hour x The Cascade Room x Mount Pleasant

Happy Hour at The Cascade Room on Main Street in Mount Pleasant with Colene, Nicolb, Vanessa Chu, and Angela Jung on August 25, 2010.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

I got the privileged honour to drink and dine with four of Vancouver's absolutely loveliest and most delightful young female aspiring or up and coming creative professionals.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

The inception of the evening started as a three way Twitter conversation between Colene, Nicole, and Angela about Pimm's, the alcoholic drink, with somebody recommending The Cascade Room on Main Street. Eventually, a happy hour excursion was planned to drink said drink. I noticed that I knew and had actually met all three ladies while each of them had not met one of the others. And thus, I weaseled my way into the dinning adventure, inviting Vannessa along with me.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

Unfortunately, Cascade was out of Pimm's which made all the girls sad and sort of negated the impetus of the entire evening. I could not have cared less as I was on board for the delightful dining company.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

Instead, we got a pitcher of strawberry Tom Collins. I like strawberry and I like Tom Collins. I enjoyed the fruity drink among my female company and relatively secure with my masculinity.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

I thought the dishes we ordered, crisp polenta fries, mussels, calamari, and goat cheese pizza, made for really enjoyable cocktail food and fairly light dining.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BCThe Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

As someone who has eaten at a lot of bars, this was an obviously much classier step up from typical bar food.

The Cascade Room | Vancouver, BC

Vanessa and Nicole impersonated Vancouver's favourite serial entrepreneur and demanded I capture the moment. All in all, it was a genuinely enjoyable evening filled with some ridiculously interesting conversations. Many of us agreed on aspects of Vancouver's social scene. The time flew by and I found the tales and discussions about life and the relationships insightful and entertaining.

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