August 27, 2010

Failing at Life: Trolls Ruin the Internet for Everyone

"You are [...] the scum of the Earth. You have failed at life."

I was pretty viciously attacked by a negative nelly via Twitter, who called me the above things. Like always, I decided to try and reason with this person in order to diffuse the situation. Judge for yourself how I did below.

The following is a word for word transcript of a Twitter conversation I had with another Vancouver person who I do not know (or even follow). No words have been altered or changed.

Them: I liked Scott Pilgrim a lot. What an awesome film. #fb

Vanessa: also want to see this movie too.

Me: It was :: (link to my movie review of Scott Pilgrim)

Them: Why the hell would you be spamming your pointless movie review because I already saw it? @vanessa_chu is just as bad as you.

Furthermore, who the hell are you and why do you think you're important enough to spam me with this crap?

Me: Evidently, I mistook you for someone who enjoys sharing the thoughts and ideas of a community of other people. My mistake.

Them: Sorry. I am not on Twitter to help you increase your follower count so you can masquerade your failures in the real world.

Me: Were you that offended by a link that you need to constantly insult someone you don't know?

Them: It seems that you're offended. A smart person would have ignored me by now. Tell me, are you aiming for the Twitter high score?

Me: You keep insulting me as if to bait me. Anyone reading this conversation can make their own conclusions. I respond to criticism.

Them: You respond to keywords on Twitter at random. You are therefore a spammer and are the scum of the Earth. You have failed at life.

Me: I saw your msg replied to in my feed from @vanessa_chu. I responded as she did. Assuming the worst in people will get you nowhere.

It ends there. I assume using basic logic shut him up. I never thought attaching a single link in response to a tweet would attract such vitriol.

People often say to me about internet trolls or those try attack others online to just ignore them and that these people do not deserve your time. I disagree somewhat. These people, no matter how abhorrent or not, are still real people. They fail to acknowledge those they attack as real-life human beings, hiding behind the cover of the internet and I absolutely refuse to be like them. No matter who you are, you have genuine worth and value so I hold your thoughts, if not valid, then recognizable. Therefore, I acknowledge their comments even if I disagree or do not even respect them. But sometimes, people go way too far.

The best way to show your character is to prove you are better than these people and show them how worthless and meaningless their words really are. In essence, you give them enough rope to hang themselves with. They like to make themselves feel good by putting down other people which is sick. Basically, the internet provides them with a minuscule amount of power and influence and you need to take that away.

This person wanted me to get offended, angry, or insult them back and sink to their level in order to get a rise out of me and fulfill their jollies. They lost. I enjoy engaging them, revealing their own fallacies, insecurities, and ignorance. I also find it good exercise in minor conflict resolution.

A message to those like to be insult and be pointlessly negative online: get a life. It does not take much to show your idiocy. No one needs to resort to their level of ignorance.

Who exactly has "failed at life"?

Me: I enjoy diffusing convos where people who don't know me call me "scum of the Earth", call me stupid and say I've "failed at life". It's fun.
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