August 30, 2010

Put This On: Dressing Like A Grownup

"A Web Series About Dressing Like a Grownup."

I recently discovered the great men's fashion blog and web series, Put This On, hosted by Jesse Thorn. Thorn is well-known for his popular PRI radio program, The Sound of Young America, in the States of which I am a big fan. Put This On is an absolutely fantastic resource for hip and interesting takes on contemporary men's fashion and trends.

Thorn not only captures the simple yet effective elements of dressing like man, but expresses basic principles of style with regards to projecting a visually appealing lifestyle. Thorn shows his passion and interest for classical fashion, giving good tips on how to class up your style on a budget as well as providing some points of style wisdom.

Furthermore, Put This On acts as a quick, hip avenue for thoughts and musings on looking good and dressing smart, acting as a less geeky version of Gizmodo but for clothes. The website offers snapshots, one-liners, and information on everyday fashion in addition to intriguing insights into men's style.

The web series also delves into the modern history of men's fashion tracking an evolution of substance to style. Segments vary from fashion history to instructions on proper care and maintenance for clothes to amusing anecdotes. Thorn explores the multiple facets of fashion in work and play with clever segments and interviews using dry humour and wit.

In their very first episode dedicated to denim, Jesse gives tips on how to buy and wear jeans. He goes on to advise on how to properly wash denim in order to get that lived in look and how frequently to do it, avoiding wear and tear. Each episode takes a simple type, so far denim, shoes, and work, and distills it to a few core aspects regarding fashion in 10 minutes or less. The production values are high as the web series itself is executed stylishly with simple flair and pleasing aesthetics.

I discovered Put This On when Thorn and contributor Adam Lisagor were guests on one my favourite movie podcasts, Battleship Pretension. In that episode, they humorously discussed men's fashion in film. You can watch the first three episodes of the web series here.

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