August 31, 2010

Brunch x The Templetown Diner x Granville

Brunch at The Templeton diner on Granville on August 30, 2010.

Big Ass Breakfast | The Templeton

My good friend and former coworker, Kathy and I share a penchant for breakfast food but are lazy and like to sleep in. Therefore, we both love brunch. Anyways, she suggested trying The Templeton for our latest midday dining adventure. The Templeton is a quaint little hipster diner in the Granville entertainment district downtown. If you are not looking for it, you would be hard pressed to find it. Outside, it kind of looks like a grungy convenient store, but inside, it is a pretty cool looking, nostalgic diner outfitted with jukeboxes and adorned with retro comic book art.

The Templeton | Vancouver, BC

The Templeton is an old school diner that serves an interesting and eclectic menu of comfort food; however, most of the dishes offer a healthy twist or substitution. I found it a pretty neat place tucked away in one of the many side shops down Granville. It was pretty busy as we came during the first wave lunch rush. Our server was nice and friendly despite her business.

Mangled Eggs | Vancouver, BC

I had the Mangled Eggs croissant sandwich. It was messy and good. The bacon was crisp and the consistency of the eggs were nice and soft. I liked the garlic in the scrambled eggs. As a potato man, I thought the roasted potatoes were a filling morning (or in this case, afternoon) side. I thought the size and portion was just right and filling without being excessive. I also had an espresso milkshake which was very delicious and creamy.

Big Ass Breakfast | The Templeton

Kathy had the very appropriately named Big Ass Breakfast. It may not look that big but it sure is filling. She had it with turkey sausage and cinnamon raisin French toast. The meal came with a side of regular toast which was a little redundant. Only order this if you are exceptionally hungry. There are a lot of carbs and starch in the meal. I had ate a little off Kathy's plate and thought everything was pretty scrumptious.

The Templeton is a cool little diner that offers a good and varied selection of comfort food at good prices.

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