July 5, 2010

CBC News: Social Media Internship x Day 1

Kris Krüg | Crab Beach

Today was the first day in my month-long CBC News social media and television news internship. Apparently, I am the first social media intern at the CBC. They kind of created the position for me, which is pretty cool, because of my interest in the area when I asked (more like begged) to work and learn under CBC Vancouver's social networking reporter, the lovely Theresa Lalonde.

Kris Krüg | Crab Beach

The first day was pretty great. Not only did I get to use Twitter and social media as part of my job, researching feature stories, but I got to meet a local photojournalist I admire and even go to the beach!

Theresa Lalonde & Kris Krüg | Crab Beach

Today's television news story was about local photographer Kris Krug's advocacy and citizen journalism during the Gulf Oil Spill and his now famous photos for TEDxOilSpill sponsored by National Geographic and how they have added to the news coverage all over the world, especially online via social media. I have been a fan of Krug's work for some time. He even did a great photoshoot for ION Magazine, shooting my pals in the band Petroleum By-Product, whom I have written about and interviewed numerous times.

Theresa Lalonde & Kris Krug | Crab Beach

The interview was conducted at Crab Beach by Gastown, which was incredibly gorgeous today. Krug's oil spill photo series are oddly beautiful, while obviously being tragic and horrific. His work is a great way to get information and imagery not told through the traditional American media coverage of the oil spill leading to the social networking and online journalism angle of the story.

Crab Beach | Vancouver, BC

It is always really cool to watch the genesis of a story and especially how fast it can come together.

Kris Krüg | Crab BeachTheresa Lalonde & Kris Krüg | Crab Beach

Krug was such an affable, personable, charming person to meet and you can tell the passion he has for his work and socially conscious values and it was a pleasure assisting Theresa, who is a total pro.

Crab Beach | Vancouver, BCCrab Beach | Vancouver, BC

I look forward to getting back to the newsroom and continue learning.

Theresa Lalonde | Crab Beach

Rick Chung, CBC News Vancouver.

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MizzJ said...

Lucky you! That sounds like such an amazing opportunity.

Rick Chung said...

It's awesome so far.

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