February 13, 2010

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Everything Else Olympics:

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Evidently, athletes and Olympic fans are having a sexy, good time because their is a massive condom shortage in Vancouver. NBC's Brian Williams thanks Vancouver and Canadians.

Apparently Asian-Canadians are not into the Olympic spirit. Did Vancouver have the whitest opening ceremonies ever?

CBC ranks the hospitality houses. The Opinionator cheers on our games, go Canada! Miss604 discusses Canadian pride during the games. This is how the CBC is dealing with not having the broadcast rights to the games. CTV's Brian Williams meets NBC's Brian Williams, watch it here.

Shot In Vancouver has some amazing photos of the anti-Olympic protest turning violent on Day 2. Security for the Winter Games has brought a heavy cost.

Athletes are confused by Olympic social media rules. Check out my list of Olympic tweeters and the hashtag guide for Olympic tweets.

Author Douglas Coupland (jPod) is dreaming of a white Olympics. How are Olympic brands stacking up in terms of advertising?

The New York Times has a great article about Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in the shadow of the Olympics. The Los Angeles Times addresses Vancouver's homelessness problem. Five Ring Circus is an investigative documentary about the true cost of the Olympic Games in Vancouver (watch here).

Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans. Here is the Vancouver Olympics summed up in just one word.

7 reactions:

Anonymous said...

Are tickets needed for any of the free concerts or are they all first come first serve?

Rick Chung said...

Tickets are only needed for Vancouver Victory Ceremonies at BC Place.

LiveCity Vancouver Downtown has limited capacity. Otherwise, everything else is pretty open and high capacity. Read the respective sites for details.

Arielle said...

hey cool!
but as a fellow canadian asian...why are you white-washed? aren't you just canadian? you seem like a cool cat but younger asian kids shouldn't be seeing you describe yourself as white-washed as if it serves as some kind of disclaimer that you're not a FOB. you're canadian..you grew up in the west. this does not mean you were washed white. with the olympics around, a lot of youth will be visiting your page. be a positive role model to our generation and display the fact that we are asian canadians and should be proud!!
thank you!

enlightenedminds@hotmail.com said...

yo arielle,
ever think that maybe hes just a funny asian dude that can have a laugh at his own expence. i personally think you and anyone else thats stuck in your little uptight over protective world have found your self a role model. chill out, until you can laugh at yourself, the rest of the world is just laughing at you! haha you FOBer!

p.s. i bet your good at math arnt you?

Arielle said...

"haha you FOBer!
p.s. i bet your good at math arnt you?"

wow....what an enlightened mind you have! with such great conviction, it's admirable how you carry yourself. If you can't entertain other ideas or perspectives...jokes on you. You're stupid. game over.

no biggie. don't agree with your terminology but i see where you're coming from

Unknown said...

Hey Peeps, Due to the lack of snow on Cypress, (1) Australian does his part and takes snow up to Cypress Mountain! Very Funny!

Check out the vid here---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt4_XRi193c

Sweet Blog Rick!

Pinto girl said...

Hi Rick! We have an official unofficial Aboriginal Artists Market at the Sinclair Centre for the artists that could not get a spot in the Aboriginal Pavillion. Can you pass by when you have time? We have a FREE EVENT there: a 15ft tipi is being painted live by renowned artist Marc Anthony Jacobs and the tipi is free for people to explore from all angles!

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