February 3, 2022

KAFFE | Affogato x Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea x Richmond

Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea | Richmond, BC

Richmond—Of the many wonderful varieties of places and hole-in-the-wall joints you can find to visit in the airport-adjacent suburb, I have always felt there was a lack of independent coffee shops. So when I heard about Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea (originally starting out as a pop-up at local markets) nestled somewhere in Empire Centre, one of many Asian strip malls, I had to pay a visit.

Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea | Richmond, BC

As part of one of those long-running, sometimes novelty food dish competitions or promotions, there's the Coffee Drink Challenge, where places are tasked with coming up with a specialty-themed dish, currently on at selected participating cafés.

Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea | Richmond, BC
affoyoutiao (double shot of espresso poured over a crispy Chinese doughnut with vanilla ice cream)
Sunny M's entry is an Asian-themed twist on the Italian dessert classic of an affogato (typically, vanilla gelato "drowned" in or poured over a shot of espresso) with an added Chinese doughnut (aka "youtiao") here for good measure—just in time for Lunar New Year season and available only until February 6th.

Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea | Richmond, BC
dirty iced latte
Aside from the caffeinated dessert, their espresso-based coffee was delightful as I enjoyed a very punchy iced latte, "dirty" style—where the coffee and milk are separated for a sort of floating-type liquid appearance.

Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea | Richmond, BC

Sunny M's carefully selected and brewed coffee is a real treat and a nice find if you are ever in central Richmond.

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