February 28, 2022

FEAST | Plant-based Cuisine x Nightshade x Yaletown

Nightshade Restaurant | Yaletown, Vancouver

Yaletown—(February 4, 2022) Downtown's trendy new plant-based Nightshade Restaurant offers a plethora of high-end vegan dishes in an appealing atmosphere. Spearheaded by the Sattva Hospitality team and Montreal-based Canadian-Cambodian Executive Chef Chanthy Yenpersonal chef to the Prime Minister and his family—the contemporary eatery feels intimately hip and fresh with its contemporary design.

Nightshade Restaurant | Yaletown, Vancouver
mista lava lava roll (sake marinated yuba, yam tempura, heart of palm and gochujang crema)
From their own vegetarian take on classic sushi rolls to hearty pasta dishes and inventive entrées, there's a healthy amount of variety and cuisine types to choose from.

Nightshade Restaurant | Yaletown, Vancouver
Manhattan (espresso martini) + Last Tango in Paris (gin, Lillet, rosemary syrup, lime juice, champagne, and cucumber bitters)
Their cocktail program—including a separate, 1980-90s club-inspired drink menu found in their pop-up wine bar backroom known as Lightshade—there's a beverage concoction to complement any dish and plenty of choices to make on how to mix and match flavours and tastes with different liquid libations.

Nightshade Restaurant | Yaletown, Vancouver
roasted celeriac (with potato and a ratatouille of zucchini and eggplant in coconut tahini sauce)
Nightshade both fits right in with its Yaletown neighbourhood crowd in addition to offering something newly refreshing and exciting. Its global culinary influence and pan-Asian-inspired fare made from high-quality ingredients hit the spot.

Nightshade Restaurant | Yaletown, Vancouver
Nightshade roll (roasted Japanese eggplant, avocado, jalapeño, and unagi sauce)
In addition to a nice array of cuisines and a promising cocktail selection, Nightshade's stylish modern decor and space all make for a pleasing dining experience with a lot of promise. Do yourself a favour and make sure to order more than one serving of the taro (spring) rolls, seriously.

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